“I purchased a set of the Chef Caron BBQ Grill Mats. I had no idea what to expect, but it seemed like a really good concept and I wanted to try them out. They were only 14.95 at the time I bought them, so no big risk, right?”


Amazon Shopping

I’ve always thought that Amazon was a fantastic place to shop. The prices are better than in the stores; once you have your credit card on file it’s click-easy to buy something; You can get free shipping for a year for less than $100 dollars if you buy a Prime membership, which for people who order a lot of stuff is a fantastic deal; they get the item to you in two days or less; they never question a return or a refund request . . . there’s more, but you get the idea. I just like the shopping experience because it’s so much easier that fighting traffic to get to a store, standing in line at checkout and usually having to pay a lot more for the same thing.

I’m not claiming that I like everything I buy there, but I did like the last purchase I made, and I’ve been using it every day. I won’t keep you in suspense . . . I purchased a set grill mats that I found on the Chef Caron BBQ Grill Mat Facebook pageI had no idea what to expect, but it seemed like a really good concept and I wanted to try them out. They were only 14.95 at the time I bought them, so no big risk, right?

Big Surprise 

I ordered them on the Wednesday before Memorial Day weekend thinking I’d get them in time for our barbecue on Sunday, but Amazon didn’t ship them until Thursday and so they didn’t arrive on Friday. I sent Chef Caron an email, all disappointed that I wouldn’t have them for the weekend and I really wasn’t expecting them to do anything about it. The very nice lady, Cheryl, very patiently explained to me that they had no control over when Amazon shipped and because it has to do with when the credit card payment clears and that just depends on the banks. And then she added that she would send me a free set overnight because she really wanted me to be able to use them over the weekend as I had planned. Not only were they overnight, they were also Saturday delivery, so who knows how much that cost them. But I’ll tell you what. It made me a huge fan of Chef Caron, and I have promoted their products to all their friends and given them as gifts and I have purchased several more of the grill mat sets. I really, really appreciate that kind of customer service.

 First Try with the Mats

Chef Caron product on Amazon bbq grill matsBut back to the BBQ grill mats themselves. They arrived on Saturday and I didn’t wait until Sunday to try them out. I cooked dinner on them that night – after reading and following all the instructions, of course. And it is important to do that. There are a few things you need to know to use them correctly and not destroy them the first time out. I’ve read reviews were people are griping about that, and I’m just thinking don’t you people read instructions? But whatever.

I love what the grill mats allow me to do. I placed one down on the heated grill at about 325 F. It heated up in seconds. I put a big slab of butter on it and then put some chopped garlic on that and then lay asparagus spears down in the butter-garlic mix. I put the other grill mat onto the grate and put my pork chops on it and poured my marinade over the top. By now I was nervous. Quite nervous. There was a lot of food bubbling there on this strange, new barbecue cooking surface. Was I doing it right.? I took my brand new silicone tipped tongs (need I repeat myself, read the instructions) and turned a spear of asparagus. It had grill marks on it. I admit it, I actually squealed with delight.

One Happy Family 

Chef Caron BBQ Grill Mats Packaging Well, it all came out perfect and it was by far, hands down the best food I had ever tasted from the barbecue. My daughter raved about it, my husband was almost speechless but that didn’t stop him from stuffing out and my teenage son, when asked what he thought said, “Uh!’ which I believe is the only word he knows so far so I took it to be more positive feedback. So the Chef Caron BBQ Grill Mats are here to stay and that’s that.

Needless to say, sunday with guests was also a huge success and I sent another message to Chef Caron saying that I had just gotten them four new customers for the BBQ Grill Mat sets because I wanted them to know I wasn’t taking advantage of their generosity, even though I really do like free stuff. Over and out.



mothers day bbqMothers Day Barbecue

It was a gorgeous morning and the scent originating from my eCigarette smoker was practically heavenly – peppermint schnaps flavored smoke – ahh. Many Sundays at this time I would be in church, however, I was home tending to the BBQ production I had started  the previous evening. This was Mothers Day and we were having the children over for lunch. When I heard steps on the walkway leading to my back yard deck, I was just getting ready to remove the pork shoulder. Which reminds me of the last successful BBQ venture I had. Ribs! Let me tell you about that!

Barbecued Ribs

Get your crockery pot or huge pot ready to go. Pour in some barbecue steak then set ribs barbecuedyour ribs down into the sauce. You might need to cut your ribs into smaller sections if you are doing a rack of baby back ribs. Put the rest of the sauce over the ribs seeing to it to cover them well. You’ll definitely need to cook them slowly, so do not turn the stove up to high and don’t get impatient. The slow cook thing is well worth the wait. With a crockery pot set them to high to get the temperature level up, and then turn them down to low and let them simmer. It’s pretty simple but if you do it like that you won’t believe the results. My barbecue adventures don’t always turn out well. One time I had a major disaster and burned the dinner to an unrecognizable pile of ash. So I took the family to the Twisted Lizard instead.

The Twisted Lizard Option

The Twisted Lizard on Hunt has a special  “Buy one meal, get the 2nd 50 % off. Club 101 has good deals on every other day of the week, a sandwich platter for 5.99. The Specials there include the Club Sandwich and fries, BBQ meat Sandwich and french fries, and even a Fajita Wrap with french fries for the exact same low 5.99$. And if you’re hankerin’ for a shawarma, prices are fairly competitive.

BBQ Steak Tricks

For a great deal of your BBQed steak dishes, you should utilize this technique because it’s a sure thing and it’s pretty easy to do. You should vary it up with various a lot of different kinds of marinade. Generally you always do marinade the same way. Put the sauce in a large ziplock bag and then toss the meat in there and roll it around. Refrigerate it. Just do not leave it in there too long or it could turn into total mush. So in about, say, an hour and a half – or even two hours – take it out  and discard the marinade. You can do a lot of these types of dishes with a bbq grill mat if you’ve heard of those. They are a handy barbecue accessory for cooking things on a barbecue that would normally fall through the grate, like sauces.

Change of Pace on the BBQ

If you think you might want to spice up your food a tad, why don’t you try something a little different, like a chili tofu dish, for example. Have you ever had that? Pretty simple, really. Get a big chunk of firm tofu. It’s best if you buy it fresh in bulk. Cut it into bite-sized cubes. Then comes the magic. Mix it in a bowl with soy sauce, garlic and a lot of chili powder. Always use fresh garlic, too. It’s the only way to go. Once you get those ingredients thoroughly mixed together, put all of it in a heated glass pan with olive oil. Stick the pan right on your BBQ grill and close the lid. The temperature on that should be around 350. Leave it in the BBQ until the tofu gets crispy looking on the surface. To get that surplus oil out of the tofu, use a paper or cloth towel. Put the tofu chunks on the towel with a pair of tongs and let the oil drip off. It’s a great spicy treat! I get great ideas like this from Chef Caron on Twitter, but I think that you can find them on Facebook too. And if you like great pictures of food you can see those by visiting Chef Caron on Pinterest.

Don’t Feel Like Firing up the BBQ?

Tex-Mexican Express is open 7 days a week. Their hours of operation are Monday through Friday 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM and Weekends from 12:00 Noon to 10:00 PM. This dining establishment has actually been recommended by major newspapers consisting of the Daily News, NY Times, and Zagat. The reality is, it is an excellent little restaurant that serves an excellent meal, and there’s absolutely nothing like consuming a hot meal while likewise being economical and in a good area. Tex-Mexican Express is a once-a-week destination for me personally since I enjoy the food so much. Why not see what the hype is all about!