BBQ Tips

mothers day bbqMothers Day Barbecue

It was a gorgeous morning and the scent originating from my eCigarette smoker was practically heavenly – peppermint schnopz flavored smoke – ahhh. Many Sundays at this time I would be in church, however I was home tending to the BBQ production I had started  the previous evening. This was Mothers Day and we were having the children over for lunch. When I heard steps on the walkway leading to my back yard deck, I was just getting ready to remove the pork shoulder. Which reminds me of the last successful BBQ venture I had. Ribs! Let me tell you about that!

Barbecued Ribs

Get your crockery pot or huge pot ready to go. Pour in some barbecue steak then set ribs barbecuedyour ribs down into the sauce. You might need to cut your ribs into smaller sections if you are doing a rack of baby back ribs. Put the rest of the sauce over the ribs seeing to it to cover them well. You’ll definitely need to cook them slowly, so do not turn the stove up to high and don’t get impatient. The slow cook thing is well worth the wait. With a crockery pot set them to high to get the temperature level up, and then turn them down to low and let them simmer. It’s pretty simple but if you do it like that you won’t believe the results. My barbecue adventures don’t always turn out well. One time I had a major disaster and burned the dinner to an unrecognizable pile of ash. So I took the family to the Twisted Lizard instead.

The Twisted Lizard Option

The Twisted Lizard on Hunt has a special  “Buy one meal, get the 2nd 50 % off. Club 101 has good deals on every other day of the week, a sandwich platter for 5.99. The Specials there include: Club Sandwich and fries, BBQ meat Sandwich and french fries, and even a Fajita Wrap with french fries for the exact same low 5.99$. And if you’re hankerin’ for a shawarma, prices are fairly competitive.

BBQ Steak Tricks

For a great deal of your BBQed steak dishes you should utilize this technique because it’s a sure thing and it’s pretty easy to do. You should vary it up with various a lot of different kinds of marinade. Generally you always do marinades the same way. Put the sauce in a large ziplock bag and then toss the meat in there and roll it around. Refrigerate it. Just do not leave it in there too long or it could turn into total mush. So in about, say, an hour and a half – or even two hours – take it out  and discard the marinade.

Change of Pace on the BBQ

If you think you might want to spice up your food a tad, why don’t you try something a little different, like a chili tofu dish, for example. Have you ever had that? Pretty simple, really. Get a big chunk of firm tofu. It’s best if you buy it fresh in bulk. Cut it into bite-sized cubes. Then comes the magic. Mix it in a bowl with soy sauce, garlic and a lot of chili powder. Always use fresh garlic, too. It’s the only way to go. Once you get those ingredients thoroughly mixed together, put all of it in a heated glass pan with olive oil. Stick the pan right on your BBQ grill and close the lid. Temperature on that should be around 350. Leave it in the BBQ until the tofu gets crispy looking on the surface. To get that surplus oil out of the tofu, use a paper or cloth towel. Put the tofu chunks on the towel with a pair of tongs and let the oil drip off. It’s a great spicy treat!

Don’t Feel Like Firing up the BBQ?

Tex-Mexican Express is open 7 days a week. Their hours of operation are Monday through Friday 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM and Weekends from 12:00 Noon to 10:00 PM. This dining establishment has actually been recommended by major newspapers consisting of the Daily News, NY Times, and Zagat. The reality is, it is an excellent little restaurant that serves an excellent meal, and there’s absolutely nothing like consuming a hot meal while likewise being economical and in a good area. Tex-Mexican Express is a once-a-week destination for me, personally, since I enjoy the food so much. Why not see what the hype is all about!